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Re-introducing…..The Teddy Trust

Empowerment, education, hope and opportunity for all

Re-introducing…..The Teddy Trust

Teddy Exports is a fair-trade export company with an explicit commitment to social and economic development.

The company is renowned for its well-established principles of social awareness, gender equality, empowerment of the local community and fair trade principles in all its business practice.

In 1992, Teddy Exports set up the Teddy Trust into which it directs 50% of its profits to support a range of innovative and meaningful solutions to local community issues.

Social empowerment and inclusion beats at the core of their DNA, making sure that education, hope and opportunity are open to all.

Every child should have the chance to go to school.  Sadly, this isn’t the case for more than 57 million children around the world.  It’s not just about getting them into a classroom – it’s about ensuring that they are well taught and what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life.

Which brings us nicely onto the schools at the Teddy Trust.  In 1994, they established the Teddy Primary School and their school programme has since blossomed to include a High School which now is home to 600 children and 50 teachers from the local area.

Children come from all over the local areas and villages to have the opportunity to have an excellent education and to aspired to a future that dreams are made from.

The Teddy Schools provide buses to ensure that children are picked up and returned home, at the start and end of the school day.   This small act ensures that children can attend from the more rural areas and it is also much, much safer for the smaller children and females to run the gauntlet of the busier roads or on darker evenings.

Here at Revolution in Kindness we believe that education has the power to help all; transforming individuals, communities and countries for the benefit of all.

Our funding of £25,000 was for purchasing 2 more school buses to ferry the children from more rural areas of the region to the school safely and to carry out small, cosmetic but essential upgrading to the classrooms in the primary school.

Well done all at the Teddy Trust. Now, can we please drive the bus?

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