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Re-introducing…..National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)

supporting adults who have suffered any type of abuse in childhood

Re-introducing…..National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)

So just how did this story between us begin?

As Pete Saunders, NAPAC’s founder recounts… “It is many years since I took a phone call from someone at the The Body Shop Foundation asking to meet. You don’t turn invitations like that down! I recall they read about us in Third Sector magazine and I met with Lisa Jackson and Debbie Osborne to have an amazing meeting. They told me later they left the meeting buzzing having found out about NAPAC (and its incredible founder!)”

So, what made our CEO and Grants Manager ‘buzz’ about NAPAC? The very same feeling that the NAPAC staff experience every day at work – being part of something that literally does change and save lives.

Research suggests that at least one in four people in the UK are abused or neglected in childhood. The Council of Europe says that one in five children in Europe are victims of sexual violence.  A 2015 report by the Children’s Commissioner for England estimates that 1.3 million children in England will have been a victim of contact sexual abuse by the time they turn 18.

These are dry numbers but they add up to literally millions of adults who have suffered trauma and abuse when they were at their most vulnerable. These survivors suffer in silence, while the complex conditions arising from childhood trauma also damage families, relationships and society, reducing employability, increasing rates of criminality, and placing huge demands on health and care services.

Since the original concept of NAPAC and our original meeting, NAPAC has grown into an extraordinary charity. NAPAC is unique because they interact directly with survivors on a daily basis. They are the only national telephone support line specifically for survivors of all types of childhood abuse, dealing with around 5,500 calls a year.

High profile stories in the world of television and politics prompted many thousand more survivors to contact them. Now stories about abuse in football and other sports have surfaced and more men than ever before want to talk to NAPAC about the abuse they have suffered. A taboo has been broken and NAPAC are determined to be there for those who have been silent for so long.

Our funding of £25,000 goes towards ensuring that NAPAC can underpin the vital developments they need to put into place to meet new challenges and ensure that the future is much brighter for many more survivors of childhood abuse.

And to Pete and the all the members of the NAPAC team plus their incredible band of volunteers, we think you are all superstars. You really DO make the world a better place by offering support and services for survivors.

For more information on NAPAC please visit their website

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