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Re-introducing…..Global Witness

changing the system by exposing the economic networks behind conflict, corruption & environmental abuse

Re-introducing…..Global Witness

Our Trustees, when deciding on our final groups to fund, had a long list of criteria – one of which was ‘bravery’.

And they don’t come much braver than Global Witness and the people it advocates.  This small but mighty team works over 29 countries and 6 continents to focus on the connection between human rights abuses, corruption and environmental destruction.

They have a strong, credible reputation for meticulous, evidence based, hard hitting reports that have the power to ignite worldwide debates and bring about change.

And change is still desperately needed.  Their latest research has revealed that more than three people were killed per week in 2015, defending their land, forests and rivers against destructive industries.

To give you insight you how brutal this hidden world is, here’s a horrific update from Global Witness.

“At around midnight on 2 March 2016, gunmen broke down the door of the house where Berta Cáceres was staying in La Esperanza, Honduras, and shot and killed her.  Berta was a high-profile environmental campaigner and activist on indigenous land rights.


In 2015 she was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, a prestigious award recognising grassroots environmental activism from around the world. In Berta’s acceptance speech, she spoke of the death threats and kidnapping attempts against her due to her struggle against the Agua Zarca Dam, a hydro-electric dam being built on indigenous community land in Río Blanco.


Global Witness highlighted her courageous work in their  2015 report, ‘How Many More?’  which profiled Honduras as the world’s most dangerous country per capita to be a land and environmental defender.”

So, for us, it’s about defending and supporting the Defenders.  Our funding of £50,000 allows Global Witness to continue to expose and stop human rights abuses, corruption and environmental destruction.

In total awe of your work.  Find out more at their website

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