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Re-introducing…..Environmental Justice Foundation

working to ensure that environmental security is not just about quality of life, it is a basic human right

Re-introducing…..Environmental Justice Foundation

To start using their own words “The Body Shop Foundation has helped make the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) what is today.  The Foundation generously provided us with one of our first grants, sharing in our vision of protecting the environment and humans rights by supporting and nurturing grassroots activist in the Global South.  Our aim, then and now, is to help those activists become stronger, more effective campaigners who are able to secure real impact for environmental justice”.

Our admiration and respect for their work has grown over the years and we are delighted that our funding of £50,000 will go towards their ‘Ocean Defenders’ Programme.

West Africa’s rich coastal waters are a haven for wildlife species including turtles, dolphins and sharks, and support plentiful fish stocks that are relied upon by the coastal communities. Increasing pressure from foreign trawlers has led to a massive growth in illegal fishing: vessels operating without licences, in protected areas and with banned fishing gears and trawl nets that are indiscriminate, catching everything in their path.   An estimated 37% of the fish catch in west Africa is illegal, costing this impoverished region $1 billion each year.

As fish stocks decline, they have witnessed an increase in illegal dynamite fishing, poaching of turtles and their eggs, and cutting of mangrove forests to make up the shortfall in traditional fisheries income and food.  It is essential that local people can become strong and effective stewards of the natural environment that they depend upon.  This could be through documenting and reporting on illegal fishing, or through education, outreach and engagement that creates true and lasting leadership for oceans protection.

With this money, they will support a strong and engaged network of ocean defenders in West Africa, using film to create a lasting legacy of our shared goal of protecting people and our planet.

They plan to provide targeted, relevant, locally appropriate training, equipment and support to target these remote, marginalised and vulnerable coastal communities.  This will give them a voice for their concerns as well as helping individuals and organisations to become effective oceans defenders and part of the solution to illegal and unsustainable fishing and threats to biodiversity.

EJF, we’ve been fans of your work right on from those early days.  We continue to be proud to have been able to support you and the incredible impact you have.   To find out more about their work and how you can get involved, please visit their website

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