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Re-introducing…..The Cybersmile Foundation

Multi award winning anti cyberbullying non profit providing expert help and advice for cyberbullying victims and their support around them

Re-introducing…..The Cybersmile Foundation

The Cybersmile Foundation was founded in 2010, by Scott Freeman and Dan Raisbeck, after both their children were targeted by online bullies.

The two worried fathers tried in vain to source support, guidance and advice and found little or no resources available to parents or young people who may be affected by this relatively new phenomenon. In an effort to fill this gap and meet the need for a holistic educational and advisory resource, The Cybersmile Foundation was launched.

The facts are seriously worrying.  43% of kids have been bullied online with 1 in 4 saying that it has happened more than once.  70% of students report seeing frequent bullying online.  68% of teens agree that cyber bulling or ‘trolling’ is a serious problem and disturbingly, 81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.

Their mission is to provide people all ages with the education and support that can help them to understand the complexities of online abuse and provide the resources to help them deal with online issues.  From youngsters to their parents, students to their teachers, Cybersmile Foundation is the one stop base for help at every level.

They also provide support for those struggling with the devastating emotional effects of cyberbullying that can often result in depression, social isolation, severe anxiety, eating disorders and in more tragic cases, suicide.

We are huge fans of their work and believe that our funding of £40,000 gives Cybersmile the chance to spread their amazing work and positivity a little further across the world.

Here at Revolution in Kindness, we believe that trolls belong in old fashioned fairy stories and should stick to living under bridges.  It’s vital for us to know that Cybersmile Foundation is there, ensuring that generations benefit from their special, relevant, upbeat brand of support going forward.

Find out more and get involved in their incredible work at their website

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