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Re-introducing….Children on the Edge

Helping forgotten children, living on the edge of their societies across the globe

Re-introducing….Children on the Edge

We’ve known this group for so long that we knew them when they were just a twinkle in Anita’s eye.  Since our early day funding and watching them develop as a project through our Foundation into an independent, sustainable, impactful charity – well, we’ve watched with immense pride.

Children on the Edge (COTE) are a truly remarkable organisation whose quick and nimble approach has enabled them to provide powerful programmes to marginalised and forgotten children, who are living on the edge of their societies.  These are children without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their governments, ignored by international media and overlooked by large overseas agencies.

COTE deal with a wide variety of issues as a result of poverty, ethnic cleansing, conflict, child labour and natural disaster with some truly impressive figures and numbers benefitting from their work.

One of things that we love about COTE is their inclusive approach with the children themselves: they ask the children direct what they need, rather than assuming what they need.  An example of this is their child friendly approach with the traumatised children in the Kachin State.   Rather than the basic service provision of teaching Syrian refugee children in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic (which may be more convenient), this is not best for the children in their community.  COTE use local knowledge and the children input to shape their work.

We recently donated products for COTE to use at a The Body Shop at Home UK conference, selling discontinued or seconds product to consultants and employees of the business.  We were thrilled to hear that they had raised an incredible £17,000 through the sale of these bags, knowing that this money would achieve great things.

However, this was a heritage grants round and we wouldn’t be able to do a grants round without mentioning this remarkable group.  Our funding of £30,000 goes towards core funding which will – in their own words “ensure they continue in their work to speak up and act on behalf of those whose voices are not heard, continue to create innovative solutions to problems being faced by oppressed people and to continue to take risks and break the rules where necessary.  In short, to continue to operate in the very way we learnt whilst being part of The Body Shop Foundation.  In doing so, we believe we will create a fitting legacy for you”.

Abso-ruddy-lutely.  Go get em, COTE.

For more information on how you can help Children on the Edge, please visit their website

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