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Re-introducing…..Child Soliders International

Working to stop and end all recruitment, use and exploitation of children by armed forces and groups

Re-introducing…..Child Soliders International

Every child deserves a childhood but the truth is, sadly not every child gets one.

Daily news reports confronts us with violent conflicts across the globe:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria – the list goes on.

In these extreme situations, extreme things happen. Increasingly we are seeing children exploited by extremist groups – some are used to commit public acts of atrocity, generating shock across the world.

And when we say children, we are talking under the age of 18.  Some may be teens, but some are as young as 4.  They are targeted because they are children – easier to manipulate or entice into service.

Sometimes these children are abducted by force. Other children feel they have little to no choice but to join a military group, driven by the need for protection or a route out of poverty. Once these children return home – if they are able – they are often shunned by their communities and offered no support to help them recover.

It’s not just boys either; up to 30% of all child soldiers are young girls who are used in virtually all armed conflicts worldwide.  Like boys, girls are often used for combat and they are especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Every child has the right to be a child which is why it’s so important that we – Revolution in Kindness (formerly known as The Body Shop Foundation) – stand shoulder to shoulder with Child Soldier International (CSI) on behalf of these children.

CSI believe that children should never be soldiers. All children deserve to have a healthy, happy and safe childhood. Children who live in conflict zones are not only vulnerable to military exploitation but also deprived of security, education and safety. Together, we’ll stand up for their rights.

We’ve awarded £50,000 to CSI in our last grants round to ensure that they continue to make a stand, work with governments across the globe to put laws and policies into place to prevent the military recruitment of children and work with communities and local organisation to help the children and their families, get the support they need.

Bravo, CSI.  You are ruddy stars.  Long may your light shine worldwide.  For more ways to get involved with their incredible work, visit their website

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