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Reliable information is at the heart of what makes an effective democracy, yet many people find it harder to differentiate trustworthy journalism from propaganda.

The ways in which people are finding and reading new stories has changed radically in recent years.  Today, Facebook is the biggest sources of stories and videos on the internet, with 66% of Facebook and Twitter users using those social media sites as news source in 2016.

Increasingly – and worryingly – inaccurate information or “alternative facts” are pumped into social networks, shared and amplified.

Films are simply the most powerful way to connect real issues to people and BRITDOCs extraordinary skill of enabling great documentary films and connecting them to audiences does exactly that.

Through an innovative multi-programme approach, BRITDOC nurtures and fosters talent through supporting film makers from concept to distribution.

As they turn 12 this year, BRITDOC have recently enjoyed success at Sundance Film Festival with a clutch of eight documentary films, supported by their funding and mentorship.  These stories include the future of wildlife conservation in South Africa, the effects of climate change on the oceans, the Black Lives Matter uprising in Ferguson and personal portrait of life from Aleppo capture life as it is happening – right now, fact based, gripping events.

In a world where lies (damned lies), statistics and alternative facts are the norm and used with the sole purpose to gaslight the listening audience, it is essential for us at Revolution in Kindness to fund those who work to protect and project the truth.

Our funding of £60,000 – the biggest grant we gave in this funding round – goes to ensuring BRITDOC safeguards the future of these independent film makers and story sharers.

It has been said that doing a documentary is “about discovering, being open, learning and following curiosity”, well the same could be said about our funding over the years.  We leave our spirit and curiosity in your capable hands, BRITDOC

For more information about this incredible organisation, please visit their website 

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